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Nuclear Security Challenges in the Changing World: How to deal with it?

Nuclear warheads and weapons are not something like AKS-74 or Makarov. The scope of destruction of nuclear weapon cannot be easily prevented and ruins of destruction cannot be easily restored. Given the current intends of some Middle East countries on obtaining of nuclear weapon Middle East urgently needs international observation and involvement, including military engagement in the case of emergency.

Since, Middle East region from very beginning is the heart of Eurasia, because of its geographical position, natural resources, and its geopolitics and this region always became candidate to chaos, war and occupation. Therefore, armament was the main and important needs of the region. Because of that important needs Middle East countries always blamed on terrorism.

One of the strained issues is the intentions to obtain nuclear weapons by regional powers. Those countries might impose a potential threat for the national security and strategic interests of the neighbor and region countries. Therefore, most of the countries do not support such kind of attempts, because, in case of obtaining of nuclear weapon, other neighbor countries and countries in which exists nuclear electricity station, can attempt to enrich uranium up to the level of nuclear weapon needs. But, in fact some nuclear stations still remain outdated (Metsamor Nuclear Station, Armenia) and situate in dangerous zones in terms of seismicity. Such type of stations might ecologically damage the environment and people in case of earthquake, explosion and natural disasters (e.g. Fukusima, Chernobyl and Third Miles Island accidents). Consequently, situation in the region and world will be basically changed.

From the other hand nuclear capacity might be an umbrella for radical terrorist groups. But the significant point is this problem cannot be deterred by military operations. Military attack towards such kind of infrastructures cannot prevent any countries on the way to obtain nuclear weapons and military tools cannot be deterrence policy. Any military attack should cause to back response, not only by attacked countries as well as by allies.

In this regard establishment of Nuclear Weapons Free Zone (NWFZ) is very important. The ultimate goal of the Nuclear Weapons Free Zone is to abolish nuclear weapons in a certain geographical sphere, moreover, an essential issue for the elimination of the danger of being involved in a nuclear war. Furthermore, NWFZs play a crucial role in nuclear disarmament as well, since they enhance regional (and ultimately universal) security, regional detente, regional reliance, and they promote the complete elimination of nuclear weapons.

The proliferation of nuclear weapons is an issue which must not be left behind. It is a matter of common security. In this sense, the creation of new NWFZs is an effective way for achieving security on a regional basis.

The aftermath of the Cold War also reveals the importance of having stable relations with the nuclear powers. In order for an NWFZ to be effective, it requires recognition from nuclear weapon states so as to ensure the absolute denuclearization of the region, even in the event of war. Therefore, co-operation with these states is necessary. Another key issue, and probably one of the most difficult issues in establishing NWFZs, is that the borderline between peaceful and military uses of nuclear devices is quite ambiguous.

Other significance step in the framework of nuclear security policy is the installation of the “missile defense systems” in the appropriate areas to tackle with ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons attacks. Such shields could help counter perceived threats to their targeted countries from misusing of nuclear warheads and defend the targeted countries from any future long/small-range missiles. However, some global actors deem that, calling for anti-missile shield is a good idea in theory, but problematic in reality. Because, even if missile defense shield is considered for nuclear attacks as officially declared, it is deemed direct threat to the strategic interest and national security of neighbor countries as well. Therefore, some neighbor countries which consider this system as a direct threat against them must be legally provided with guarantees that the missile shield will not be directed against them.

However, the problem remains as a financial capacity for installation of missile shields. It is very expensive matter and need times and other legal procedures.

Today, many countries cooperate on the prevention of nuclear warheads and weapons and pushing for world without nuclear weapons. Concerned countries installed special devices in the sea ports to find out whether neighbor and close countries export or import nuclear-related loads and items.

Provision of the nuclear security on the highest level is in favor of our future generation as well. Everybody would like to live and see their future without any nuclear threats in and around their countries. It is obvious that one who tries to obtain mass destructive weapon can continue with the road they are on but it is obvious that where that leads. Time to push the world without nuclear weapon.

Ilgar Gurbanov

Expert on Russia, Caucasus and Energy Studies

Strategic Outlook Research Organization 

You can find the original article at:  http://www.strategicoutlook.org/middle-east/news-nuclear-security-challenges-in-the-changing-world–how-to-deal-with-it.html



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