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Post-sanctions Iran: Implications for Southern Gas Corridor and Opportunities for Azerbaijan

On July 14, 2015 Iran and the P5+1 countries agreed on a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action concerning Iran’s nuclear programme, according to which Iran is obliged not to develop and acquire nuclear weapons. In return, the international community committed to remove sanctions, as the JCPOA stipulates the sanction relief from the “import/export and transport of Iranian oil/gas products and technologies; participation in joint ventures and investment for the oil/gas sectors; purchase, acquisition, sale, transportation or marketing of oil/gas from Iran.” The removal of sanctions will pave the way of Iran’s natural gas export to Europe. Therefore, Iran is eager to attract the investment and technologies of European energy companies into the country that have left its energy sector since the imposition of sanctions in 2005. The key question to be reviewed in this article is whether post-sanction Iran will reduce Azerbaijan’s strategic significance. Latter is considered a sole and reliable gas supplier for the Southern Gas Corridor as well as a transit country for Central Asian gas. Iran can host the pipelines to transport Central Asian gas, notably Turkmen gas to Turkey and Europe and can potentially shelve the Trans-Caspian Pipeline. The removal of sanctions from Iran’s oil and gas sector, however, spells a business opportunity for Azerbaijan.

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