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Energy Conflicts in the Energy Sub-Hubs of Eurasia: How to get rid of it?

eurasia-map1Eurasia, where focused most of the geopolitical theories, experienced numerous wars, conflicts, revolutions, and chaos and became a candidate for aforementioned tendencies. The main object for wars and conflicts were “to capture more territories” and “enlargement”, while main politics was “divide, share and conquer”. Continue reading


The New Trends in Russian Energy Policy following Third Presidency of Putin

The current Russian energy policy kept in memories only with its failures. Why? Every day I read dozen of news, articles, and columns about Russian energy policy. Almost in every piece I face with misleading information about Russian energy policy. Media is very strong ideological war tool and can manipulate mid-level community very easily with its baseless speculations. In my humble opinion, some news portal deliberately tries to blacken the energy image of Russia gained since Putin’s first presidency terms. However, Putin’s third presidency terms might be characterized with Russia’s successful steps toward “energy super-power” status. Continue reading

Energy Conflict Areas in Eurasia – From Geopolitics to Conflicts

Energy Conflict Areas in Eurasia

Energy Conflict Areas in Eurasia

From Geopolitics to Conflicts

From Geopolitics to Conflicts

The Arctic: Venue of Geopolitical Wars?

According to the U.S. Geological Survey’s estimates the Arctic region is the geographically largest unexplored prospective area for oil reserves. It calculated that the northern area of the Arctic Circle contained about 13% of the world’s undiscovered oil, 30% of the undiscovered natural gas and 20% of undiscovered natural gas liquids (excluding unconventional resources such as gas hydrate and shale gas and oil) and it is possible to reach these reserves in the result of melting of polar ice caps in case of climate changes. The Arctic operations to tap up to 160 billion barrels of undiscovered oil could require an estimated 250-400 billion USD. Continue reading

Kuzey Kutbu: Jeopolitik Savaşların Yeni Mahalli mi?

Birleşik Devletler Jeoloji Kurumu’nun tahminlerine göre, Kuzey Kutbu bölgesi muhtemelen coğrafi açıdan en büyük keşfedilmemiş petrol kaynaklarına sahip. Kuzey Kutup Dairesi’nin kuzey bölgesinin; dünyadaki keşfedilmemiş petrolün yaklaşık olarak %13’ünü, keşfedilmemiş doğalgazın %30’unu ve (sulu doğalgaz ve kaya gazı ile petrolü gibi geleneksel olmayan kaynaklar hariç) keşfedilmemiş sıvı doğalgazın %20’sini içerdiğini hesapladılar ve iklim değişikliklerinin gerçekleşmesi halinde kutup buzullarının erimesi sonucunda bu kaynaklara erişmek mümkün. 160 milyar varile varan keşfedilmemiş petrolü işletmeye başlatmak için yapılan Kutup operasyonları tahmini olarak 250-400 milyar dolar gerektirebilir. Continue reading

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